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Link of the month:
Joan Aspen is selling jewelry and a portion of the profits will go to help others. Check it out here.

Buy a book and give a book to a school or library in Katrina country:

Billie Williams, my partner in "Park Bench Mysteries"

CC Hammond

Deborah Lynne

Kathleen McCabe Lamarche

Titania Ladley's Romances

Louise Perry

Terri Anne Ridgell

Meet my publishers:

Star Publish--"Hang your wishes on their Star!"

iUniverse--My "stupid flood book" and my Civil War romantic comedy. Just search for me there.

My favorite groups:

Word_Mage: where writers believe that the written word is magic great new support suit for writers and readers

Women on Writing--lots of tips and fun reading of good reviews and interviews (of me and lots of my favorite authors)

Scribes World--an interview

Exciting News: Ch. 1 of my new book, MONDAY KNIGHT Fiction Addiction

Not the Usual Way (Hall of Fame member)

Theo's Ghost. A new interview all about me,plus articles and book reviews.

Know your author (An interview)

History and Lovers. Sometimes history was just a little bit naughty! See Dunnottar, House Call to the Past and Marylebone. Just added, front page news on My Dear Phebe.

Word Thunder (Lots of writers help, reviews, interviews, fun) New article on editing and editing and proofreading

Aspiring authors (articles, interviews, writing helps)

"A good read"--lots of help for promotion

Cooking By The Book--recipes from your favorite characters

Reviews of my books:

My favorite: House Call to the Past

A great "siting" of Patrick & Grace: Murder Express

My Dear Phebe at (Kids bookshelf)

Romantic Times, Search for "Dunnottar"

ebook Heaven (All my books)

e-books cafe (Listing of my books lots of fun) (All my books)

All Readers (All my books)

Silent Screams (listing of all my books)

Twisted Tales: House Call to the Past Recipe for Murder

Kathryn's Mystery Women Reviews In St. Patrick's Custody Recipe for Murder

Favorite Research Sites:

Costume Gallery: clothes, hair, history. GREAT!

The best history site on the web: History Place

Deb Stover (historical and general)

Burry Man (Scottish)

Best Magazine Bets

Heritage Quest

MinnDakota Memories and Mysteries

Romantic Times, all the best in all the lates in all the books.

It's Chatty Kathy!

Favorite Fellow Authors:

Bertrice Small; I'm proud to call her "friend."

Debbie Macomber. Her Christmas angels trilogy--the best ever!

Millie Criswell--a laugh a page!

Tricia McGill-a fellow historical romance author and lover

Margaret Marr--a writer of fun paranormal novels

A very talented couple, good friends to be found at All For Art.

Irene Smith-no kin, but a fellow writer.

Sharon King-Booker, one of us "published prairie pens"

Kathy King, another Grand Forks author

Robin Silverman, fellow Grand Forks author

Jane Kurtz, fellow Grand Forks author

Author Raven West's homepage and website

Author Angela Zeman

The books of Asharia

My fellow writers from NUW (Not the Usual Way)

Kristie Leigh Maguire--a neat lady and a talented writer.

Mark Haeuser--A good, surprising talented writer

Payton's fiction site

Jack Prather-just like "fungi," this "fun guy" quickly grows on you!

Nina Osier's fantasy fiction

Paul Petrucci, an intriguing fellow mystery author

Timothy Miller, author of "Without a Trace." I can't wait for his small town spies to meet up with Max Stryker when they come out in 2002!

Bobby Ruble, author of "Have No Mercy" and "The Mysterious Farm Girl"

Greg and Denise Michel--a great bunch of books, even for kids

Carl Rafala--a fellow NUW author

Mary Gibbs, author/promo helps guru

Dehanna Bailee

Don Eaker

Katy Walls

Deane Devine

Epstein Larue

Annette Gisby

Karen Mueller Bryson

Krista Barrett

Willie Meikle

Clive Warner

Rita Hestand

Elaine Hopper

Carolyn Howard Johnson

Dorothy Thompson

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